Timekeeping @ Carnivals

Hi All Members,


Over the past couple of months, our Club Members have attended a number of local carnivals as well as Swimming NSW Events (i.e. MetSea) at Homebush.


Most local carnivals will ask clubs attending to timekeep and the allocation is based on the number of swimmers ENTERED.


Swimming NSW will allocate timekeeping duties to clubs based on the number of entries. Considering the size of our club now, this means we often have to cover 1 or 2 lanes for both days of the event (sometimes up to 32 hours of timekeeping). We understand that there are times when parents will enter their child in a carnival to gain a specific time, and if they achieve that time earlier, then they will not need to attend. There are also instances where a child is unwell or injured and hence unable to swim.


This does though present an issue when our timekeeping allocation is received as we are finding that for most carnivals, a large number of our swimmers are not attending, and hence we do not have enough timekeepers.


This then has the flow on effect of a few parents doing 3-4 hours timekeeping each, which is not fair and will ultimately lead to discontent / frustration across our amazing parents who do so much for our club.


There is also the added administration burden for the committee dealing with dozens of emails, trying to sort the rosters out and identifying families who haven't rostered and following them up. We cannot continue to commit this amount of time for something that should be quite simple and straightforward.


We discussed this issue at our committee meeting this week and just wanted to share the thoughts of the committee and how we resolve this issue going forward:


1.    Parents MUST take responsibility for advising as soon as possible if they are NOT attending a carnival they have entered. Please do not wait until the roster comes out. 

2.    When the roster comes out (it is generally 1 week prior to the carnival) - please do not respond to the club email saying you aren't sure if you are going. We need you to make a decision - you are either attending or not attending. If you say you aren't sure, we will roster you for timekeeping due to the fact that our allocation is based on your entry.

3.    We need an immediate response to the timekeeping roster emails please (within 24 hours).

4.    If you are attending, please ensure you have set up your access to sign-up genius so you can independently roster yourself. The committee cannot be expected to do this for parents, we all work full time and our time is voluntary.

5.    If your child is swimming, you will need to roster for a timekeeping allocation please. We are given timekeeping duties based on how many swimmers are competing from SSSD and we need ALL families of children competing to do 1 timeslot to make it fair on all. We cannot expect a few parents to carry the load of all families attending the carnival. For local carnivals, this will be no more than 1 hour. For Swimming NSW Events it may be 1 to 1 1/2 hours only.

6.    If you enter a “Local” meet, then you will be expected to timekeep for approx 1 hour if we are allocated duties. However, if the next rostered family fails to show, you are not obligated to stay and fulfil their duty. Instead, advise the “Chief” TK that you have finished and move on. It is the Meet Organisers responsibility to fill this position until the next family arrives (this will also apply at our own Carnival).

This does NOT apply to MetSEA and State Events where it is the Club's responsibility.